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Translations into Swedish from English, German and Finnish

Do you miss the direct contact with the translator?

Do you want to be quite sure your translation will be handled by a professional translator?

Electrical and electronic equipment, technical documents, manuals...

Member of SFÖ, the Swedish Association of Professional Translators

The contents of a document and the intended audience make every translation unique. Therefore it is essential that the translation is done by an experienced translator to his/her native language, with knowledge about the terminology and the underlying technics, and with regard to how the document is intended to be used.

Have you used products with a manual that is deplorable from a linguistic point of view?

Do you want to be on the safe side that the manual for your product or the functional description in your project is given the wording it deserves?

With over 40 years of professional experience and more than 20 years of translation experience I can guarantee that your translation will be handled in a professional manner.